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Power Source surfboards has built the reputation of being the number one surfboard manufacturer in Ireland for the last 20 years & continues to produce quality custom surfboards, all totally handcrafted by Mark McGuire. 

Born in to surfing & the industry in the sixties, Mark has over thirty years surfing experience & has been shaping for over 25 years.


After serving his apprenticeship with his surfboard sponsor, Rockit Surfboards Newquay, plus many years of dabbling with shaping his own surfboards the Power Source label was finally born in 1988 in Newquay, Cornwall. In 1990 Mark moved his operation to north west Ireland, and is now situated in north Leitrim, 6k from Bundoran. Today, with thousands of hand shapes under his belt, Mark is still as dedicated as ever in & out of the water, is continually pushing his designs in all conditions & in many directions. His past contest experience in the UK & Ireland has stood by him through understanding design & function, among his Irish results he claimed 5th in the '97 European Cup in Bundoran & headed the team that brought the Intercounties Cup to Donegal in  '94 & '95 & extended this to 4 years in a row in '96, & '97  for Co. Leitrim.

This design element continues to evolve with constant feedback from his Irish & international riders . Mark has had the pleasure of working with some talented surfers in the past, & a few living legends, including Chris Malloy & Joel Fitzgerald where alongside Mark, was featured in his shaping bay on the film "Litmus". His Irish sponsored riders still continue to be amongst the most talented free surfers on the island.


Mark is one of the few rare craftsmen today who can shape, glass, sand and polish ( & surf to a high level ). He is equally skilled at shaping performance shortboards to minimals to serious guns, one of his great abilities is to listen to his customers, not forcing his ideas on them, but more so helping to put their ideas and experiences together with his own, into a finished, functional shape. This open thinking results in boards that are special & unique.

At Power Source surfboards, each board is totally hand crafted from start to finish,& gets individual attention throughout each stage of production. Manufactured from the finest materials available, no seconds here!! Our belief is in quality & function 4 each individual.





Standard glassing:  6oz btm. & 6oz deck (Warp glass, Hexcel, SGlass). Glass jobs.., 4oz bottoms don't really cut it in our waters unless you are after a competition board. 6oz top & bottom is recommended as minimum for Ireland.


Resin: We use Silmar / Iso 7x .


Foam:    Home blown, Surf Blanks. There is so much low standard foam on the market these days since the demise of Clark with untested flex and strength characteristics. We use only first quality Home blown Blanks, the strongest foam available worldwide & believe it or not after 25years in the shaping game I've tried most. Its also much safer for the environment, using a foam system that is based on MDI (methylene di-phenyl di-isocyanate) rather than TDI (toluene di-isocyanate). TDI is now classified as very toxic and considered carcinogenic in many areas.


Stringers:  Most of our boards have unidirectional ply wood stringers. These unidirectional wood stringers spring and flex well & are much

stronger, reducing breakages. We can custom order any stringer combinations.

Fins:   FCS. We use genuine FCS fin systems , this is another area where we've tried them all, FCS are the most versatile & strongest out there, just look how many top pro's use them including the likes of Slater / Merrick, & all the big gun shapers.


Please note, for all custom orders, allow 3 weeks for delivery.

We also carry out contract glassing, repairs & stock a range of FCS fins ,grips, boardbags, & second-hand surfboards.


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Tel: 0872386880  /  0719842342

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