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Surfboard ordering / buying info....


Our boards are lovingly hand made in the traditional way from the best quality polyurethane foam, polyester resin and fibreglass cloth available. This construction method offer the best in the terms of performance & quality. Our surfboards also have a very small carbon footprint compared to most boards you see in the shops as they haven't travelled half way round the world.


Always buy from a reputable company.
From a local shaper, a respected surfer who knows the breaks that
you will be surfing on the board he has especially designed for you, to meet the needs of your environment and match your surfing ability.


Dont ask for advise on forums.

Many customers have been given the wrong advise & been mislead on Irelands various surfing forums, ask a shaper for an expert opinion.


Cheap / cut price boards

Boards selling for cheap prices, this is usually too good to be true, the only way to make cheap handmade boards is to

use blanks that are seconds, inferior cheap fibreglass, & cut corners in manufacturing, Cheap isn't all its cracked up to be, buy a cheaply manufactured board & you will end up with an inferior surfboard that wont last.


Know what your board is made from.

Insist on good foam. There is so much low standard foam on the market these days since the demise of Clark with untested flex and strength characteristics. We use only first quality Home blown Blanks, the strongest foam available worldwide & believe it or not after 25years in the shaping game I've tried most. Its also safer for the environment using a foam system that is based on MDI (methylene di-phenyl di-isocyanate) rather than TDI (toluene di-isocyanate). TDI is now classified as toxic and considered carcinogenic in many areas.


Order a board with a bigger stringer.

Most of our boards have unidirectional
ply wood stringers. These unidirectional wood stringers spring and flex well & are much
stronger, reducing breakages. We can custom order any stringer combinations.


Insist on a good glass job,

Apart from grommets boards & contest boards, 4oz bottoms don't really cut it in our waters, 6oz top & bottom is recommended as minimum.

Also insist on genuine FCS fin systems ,

This is another area where we've tried them all, FCS are the most versatile & strongest out there, just look how many top pro's use them including the likes of Slater / Merrick, & all the big gun shapers.


Bring your old board with you.

When ordering a custom board, this may help in the process of designing something to help your progression.


Talk to a shaper today.

Or visit our factory, your welcome to see what we are doing, see the materials we are using, take a tour of the workshop, & see our machine

in action.


"Performance is key"

Every surfer on the WCT & WQS get their boards machined off a cnc file.



...Understanding Surfboard Design basics...

...See some pics of our boards in action...


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