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....Why we use Fin Control Systems....


Available worldwide... Biggest range of fins...

The strongest system...  anchored to the deck & the bottom of the board.

Used worldwide by the worlds most talented shapers & surfers.

Extensive Fin research unmatched by any other system.



The new FCS X-2 is an advanced third generation FCS plug designed to be stronger, lighter, more durable

& better looking than any other systems. Overall 30 to 40% stronger than P2.

The unique barbed & fluted plug wall design, coupled with a new

advanced Nylon blend of  plastic creates significantly stronger mechanical & chemical bonding to

the board than any other system. Coupled with the unique H-pattern installation which anchors the plug to

both the bottom & the deck of the board, the new bonding method creates greater overall system strength.

The weight of the plugs have also been reduced making the FCS system, the lightest as well as the

 strongest fin system available.

We have the full range of FCS fins, call 0872386880 to order yourself a new set today.

Available  worldwide


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