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 G'day Mark,

"I can't thank you enough for the boards, the 6'5" 5 fin reminds me of
a Margo quote that has stuck with me: "...As long as it comes off the bottom
OK, I can work everything else out from there..." The 6'5" has given me the
opportunity to look like Margo off the bottom, due to your clever design.
Nothing has ever come as close to that board for feeling like an extension
of my body, rather than just something under my feet. Money can't buy that
and I know you don't like getting cuddled, so you will have to get down here
and get some warm water barrels. When you come, please shape me another
6'5", she is pretty bloody old now!! Oh and bring another 6'7" too please,
it goes awesome at Superbank and Burleigh.

Take er andy mi ansum, Chris Bowden."



Hi Mark.

 Tested out the new board last Friday/Saturday at Lissadell and Strandhill in really nice conditions

(lissadell was pumping on Friday, managed to get a little tube on my first session on the board :-) .

The board is great, it paddles really well, goes like a rocket and turns beautifully. After one

session on the board I was doing better turns on it then ever before!! Also having surfed it on

clean overhead reef and mushy beachbreak I know it's going to be the versatile board I was

after. I'll be able to use it on my crappy local Wicklow beaches as well as the reefs in the north west.

Considering you got the specs second hand from my girlfriend (thanks Kerrie, great present) I was

really impressed with the finished product, it was just what I was after.

P.S. I think I saw you in Bundoran on Sat 19th in your PowerSource van around 1 o clock, I was

going to stop to discuss the new board but the traffic was too busy.

I'll definitely be happy to get another PowerSource.

 Thanks, Mark.



I have been riding Mark's boards for several years, mainly around the Sligo/
Donegal. I just got a new 6'4 rounded pin, it goes real well for me. I've
ridden a lot of boards from my travels in Oz and Hawaii and have yet to find
boards that go better for me. I've had a couple of bigger boards, a 6'8 and
6'9 which go really well at the peak when it gets bigger and in any solid
surf. I find that they let you into the wave early and are real stable and
loose at the same time when riding. I have been riding the 6'4 at the peak
and up north and it's just an unreal board. I find a lot of big shapers
boards very stiff, they feel very straight on the water. But I when ride
Marks boards I'm not really aware of the board, I'm just riding the wave.

 Thanks again, Aaron Caffery.


Hi, Just a quick note to say that I'm delighted with the board.  No probs with
it at all... I'm even beginning to get the hang of this surfing lark!
I'll also have no probs recommending you to any other potential buyers.
Regards, Peter Devers.



Mark, what can I say.

 The new Retro Quad has been the best thing that has happened

to my surfing for a long time. I've had it out in mushy, average and good clean sizable conditions

and I love it. Its given me loads more confidence. I honestly can't believe how much better it is

than all other boards I have ridden, including my old fish. the one you looked at, remember.

The extra float in the board is excellent and as a result my surfing has improved exponentially,

not to mention my paddling power. It paddles like a rocket, so much easier to get into waves

& im getting in much earlier, just like you said. I got my best waves to date in solid 5 ft,

 A happy man.




The board.....Tow board 5'10" x 17.25 x 2.25, glassing 3 top 2 bottom, 6oz, vee to slight concave low rail with a

swallow tail, FCS fins set for towing, deck inserts for footstraps, double leash plugs......This board rides

insane, it carries well allowing me to get off the rope early and make long fades & also work through fatter

 sections, it is solid off the bottom & top with loads of drive.  I've ridden it at four times overhead & just kept pushing

 it harder every wave. My tow partner Paul O'Kane is riding a 5'7" & is equally stoked,

 we are coming into our 3rd season & Mark is producing world class boards for us.

  Many Thanks Mikee & Paul.




Just thought I would drop you a quick e mail to say cheers for that board. I am stoked on it - I took to it immediately

and having a lot of fun. It is faster and looser than my legend. and you were right it does go better with the G5s.

I have been in London with work for last 2 weeks so have been a bit of a weekend warrior again recently but have

still been getting some fun waves. Fly home tonight - cant wait to get in the water.

Anyways cheers again




Mark, just a quick note to say thanks for all the advice you gave me at the peak a
few years back. it wasn't until you suggested that I ride a bigger board that
my surfing clicked. Now the 6-9 is the best board I have ever ridden. Its easy to paddle, handles
 the late drops, and is very comfortable in all conditions. Its definitely my MAGIC board.
Cheers Skweeba.



Hi Mark,
It's Kieran here. I got the 6'8'' board off you recently.
It's magic! I have been out on it 4 times in the last week or so. The
difference between this board and the one I was using is incredible. I can't
believe they are the same volume. The board is a lot easier to paddle and to
manoeuvre. The little extra on the nose really helps to catch the waves. I
am getting into the wave much better and my turns are a lot smoother. The
different tail rocker has also made a big improvement. I can really use it
to pivot the board and turn much sharper and cleaner which helps with my
positioning on the waves. All in all I am delighted with the board. Can't
wait to get out on it again, pity the forecast is flat for at least a week.





I was going to buy an epoxy board, they look great, but, they are very expensive, I was surfing with this guy who lives in Easkey, he rides one & he got a fin slice across the tail and it just totally cut into the board like butter, the ding was so big it couldn't be fixed, what a waste of Ä700. My other problem  was i wanted some advise about what size i should get etc, i asked the  girl in the surfshop, but she didn't know much about surfing or board design. I didn't want to buy a board off a someone who doesn't even surf, that's crazy!
Then i went to see Mark at PowerSource, I talked to him for ages about boards designs etc, he knows his stuff, it was great. I ended up getting a custom board off Mark,  it surfs so good, I got to visit his workshop and see him actually making the board from scratch! That's hard to beat these days, anyways i recommend PowerSource 100% :-)


Thanks again, Steven



hey mark
just got back from France, coupla sick days quite a few average days and a few rum days.
the board went so well dude well stoaked wit it performs better than my old one, it seams like its quicker to turn and more steady underfoot
thanks again dude if i don't see ya in da water il see ya round

Peace, Callan



Hi Mark

Just wanted to drop you a note to say everything is great with the board. Didn't get it out properly till this holiday but was over and had fair few sessions which were freezing but well worth it. Just wanted to say thanks and i'm finding it really good and can feel the progression it's bringing to my surfing which is too infrequent now but next year will pretty mcuh take up my whole gap year. But yeh thanks very much. I'd be happy to recommend you to anyone else and cheers for everythign.




Alright Mark

Wow am still blown away with that board. The extra bit of float makes a huge huge difference.

Don't know if I told you about the session we had out west. It was high tide and spitting, got

a few barrels, made it out and all. Board was solid as a rock. On the smaller waves it was

breaking really close to the rocks and throwing over like something Id really only seen in Indo. 

On the bigger waves the end section was throwing a lip over a semi exposed slab time and

time again. If you were going fast enough you could make it in & pump on out the other side

it was one of my most memorable sessions to date. Unreal feeling, again this usually happens

to me by accident but got shacked a few times over the Christmas. Now when I say shacked

I don't really mean stand up barrels but for me its beyond great. Take it handy will give

you a bell if I make it up as far as Bundoran.





Hey Mark,
Just wanted to let you know that my new Retro Fish has been enjoying many beautiful summer days at Tullan.
Like you said it paddles into waves impossible for other boards but once it gets going it's so much more fun than a "funboard" or minimal.
I haven't even touched my Spider since you fixed it I'm having so much fun with the Fish!!
Oh yeah and people keep asking me about it so it's been doing some good advertising ;-)

All the best,



Hi Mark,
I got the board, safe and sound. Had a few sessions on it now, and I'm delighted with it!!!! Superfast and crazy responsive!!!
Thanks again,



Mark recently made me my first quad board. Itís now my favourite board of all time! I love it! He designed it precisely how I wanted it. He listened to my specs and built it exactly for me. I have so much fun on this board and it goes really well in all conditions. I plan to be back soon for another! Thanks Mark.

Briohny Fitzgerald


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